YOGT Himalayan Salt Inhaler

YOGT Himalayan Salt Inhaler


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  • HELPS WITH SINUS ALIGNMENT: Himalayan Salt inhalation therapy has been used to boost overall respiratory strength and lung capacity. Studies from the 1800?s found that breathing pure, ionized (salted) air in salt mines could help reduce respiratory problems and the general irritation cause by smoking and air pollution.
  • SUPPORTS HARMFUL ORGANISM CLEANSING: Himalayan salt has been used as a cleansing agent against harmful organisms. In fact, it is a commonly used holistic health practice to help individuals with respiratory difficulties, and may even work better than some of the commonly prescribed options for these conditions.
  • DETOXIFIES AIR: We breathe in a shocking amount of chemical pollutants, as well as smoke, dust, smog and pet dander. Our lungs are under constant stress from air pollution. Similarly, many smokers have found comfort in using the Himalayan salt inhaler, as it helps reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.
  • DEEPENS BREATH CAPACITY AND PROMOTES MENTAL CALMNESS: Given its ability to increase the body?s natural ability to breathe deeply, a salt inhaler may provide a variety of psychological benefits. The ability to breathe easily promotes their body?s own natural relaxation response.
  • REDUCE MUCUS BUILD UP: Salt is a natural cleansing expectorant, and can aid in reducing excess mucous and general nose and throat stuffiness.

Why YOGTI Himalayan Salt Inhaler?
YOGTI Himalayan salt crystals rest in a chamber inside the inhaler. As you breathe, natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles into the lungs, which can help with sinus problems, asthma, the common cold, allergies, hay fever and congestion.Unlike steroid inhalers and other pharmaceutical drugs, this therapeutic approach offers absolutely no negative side effects.

How to use YOGTI Himalayan Salt Inhaler
-Place Himalayan rocks inside your ceramic inhaler
-Place the inhaler mouthpiece in your mouth
-Breathe in normally through the mouth, and exhale through the nose
-Do not add water, the inhaler is for dry therapy only

Product Desctiption
Material: Ceramic
Inhaler Weight: 400 Grams
Himalayan Salt Weight: 100 Grams
Package Dimension: 6″ x 3″ inches
Includes: Premium Quality Ceramic Inhaler and Food Grade Himalayan Salt
Made in Pakistan

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