Gena PediSpa Detox Massage Black Charcoal Cream15.4 Oz 04067

Gena PediSpa Detox Massage Black Charcoal Cream15.4 Oz 04067


Only be used by licensed professionals

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Gena PediSpa Detox Massage Black Charcoal Cream 15.4 oz 04067

Introducing the Gena Pedi Spa Detox System
Infused with black charcoal and other natural ingredients derived from Mother Nature, Gena delivers the ultimate pedicure experience.

Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works by behaving like a magnet, attracting and absorbing thousands of times its own weight in dirt, oil, and impurities. Each particle has an incredible porous surface area, allowing it to bind with many toxins and impurities.

Simply rinsing will wash away the charcoal and al impurities with it, making this 4-step Pedi Spa Detox System an excellent method to purify, polish and restore feet.

1. Gena Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Foot Soak 440g/15.5oz
Deeply cleanses and preps feet for the pedicure while calming and relieving the skin.
Infused with black charcoal
Cleanses and preps feet for pedicure
Cleans and softens the skin
Fast yet gentle exfoliation of calluses and cuticles

How-To: Pour approximately 14g/0.5oz of Soak per gallon of water. Allow feet to soak for 5-10 minutes before beginning foot care service.

2. Gena Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Foot Scrub 432ml/14.6floz
Diminishes calluses and exfoliates dry skin, revealing polished and smooth feet.
Infused with black charcoal
Diminshes calluses and exfoliates skin
Leaves feet smooth and polished

How-To: Stir contents before use. Apply 14mL/0.5floz of Scrub to towel dried skin, smooth over foot and lower leg and gently massage into skin. For a softer exfoliation slightly dampen the skin or add water. Rinse in foot bath with soap and water.

3. Gena Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Foot Mask 454ml/15.4floz
Coats the skin with a luxurious formula, drawing out deep dwelling impurities and replenishing the skin with nourishing moisturisers.
Enriched with black charcoal
Coats the skin with a luxurious formula
Draws out impurities
Replenishes and nourishes the skin

How-To: Apply a thin coat (7mL/0.25floz) of Mask to dry foot and ankle and wrap with a towel or plastic bag. After 5-10 minutes, immerse foot into bath and use a towel or scrub brush to remove mask.

4. Gena Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Foot Cr?me 454ml/15.4floz
Blended with black charcoal powder, this rich foot cr?me conditions dry cracked skin and soothes for an ideal massage, leaving behind soft and nourished feet.
Blended with black charcoal powder
Conditions and soothes dry, cracked skin
Leaves feet soft and nourished

How-To: Apply Cr?me generously (7mL/0.25floz) to feet and legs. Use your favorite massage technique. After massage is complete, remove any excess product with a warm damp towel.

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