BR NATURALS Black Cumin Seed Oil XVrg 250ml
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BR NATURALS Black Cumin Seed Oil XVrg 250ml

Black Cumin seed oil is praised as being able to bring harmony to the body and help with many common ailments when ingested. The oil itself has a spicy, fragrant scent, and a flavour that is great for many curry dishes and even compliments some cold salads.

Some of the health benefits of ingesting Black Cumin seed oil include:

* Relieving sore muscles
* Relieving pain associated with rheumatism, back ache and arthritis
* Can help fight off colds and flu
* Can help with blood sugar management and/or weight-loss
* Can help give energy and counter lethargy
* Can help decrease nervous tension
* Can help soothe tired leg muscles
* Can help stabilize high blood pressure
* Help get rid of stomach problems such as diarrhoea
* Help get rid of a headache
* Combat earache
* Get rid of intestinal parasites
* Calm colic symptoms
* Help eliminate Sinusitis
* Improved digestion
* Improved hair and nails
* Immune system support
* Allergy and asthma relief
* Help fight off bacterial infections

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