Bodydrench The Gold Dust Mask Brightening 3 Oz /89ml 71407

Bodydrench The Gold Dust Mask Brightening 3 Oz /89ml 71407

Only be used by licensed professionals

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Body Drench 24 Karat Gold Dust Peel Off Mask

The luxurious Gold Dust Peel Off Mask gently purifies the skin and boosts radiance. Infused with Vitamin C, Wild Rose, and Genuine Gold, this beautiful gold shimmer formula helps brighten and lighten complexion. The smooth peel-off removal technique also helps draw out excess dirt and oil on the skin?s surface, leaving the skin radiant and refined.

Product Features
Enhances and illuminates skin
Eliminates dullness and impurities
Absorbs excess oil
Boosts skin radiance
Reveals a clear and brightened complexion
Available in 6 pc display
How To Use

Apply a thin, even layer to the skin, avoiding eye area and areas with hair. Leave on for 15-20 minutes or until completely dry to touch. Gently peel off mask starting from the outer edges, rinse off excess with lukewarm water.

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